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Howdy bubble junkies,

Welcome to TANKED - the newsletter for people who like to be damp. You may have noticed this is a change of skin for the club. But DON'T BE NERVOUS! We're always trying to improve the ways that we communicate with our members - you guys are what makes this club. Love it? Hate it? Have some ideas for extra exciting things we could include? Let us know! We'd love to hear your feedback.

If you have any friends or family who aren't members but would like to see the same snazzy e-news delivered directly to their mailbox, shoot us an email and we'll add them to our subscription list.
In the meantime, happy Easter, safe bubbling, and get TANKED.

- TUDC Exec 2012
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Featured Dive Review

Bruny Island weekend

The first mini-combined clubs trip was a fantastic success !

Divers from TUDC, TSDC & TSAC left their day jobs behind on the ferry to Bruny and the first evening saw 16 people gathered around a meal and catching up on tall stories of diving and other wordly pursuits of happiness. The TSAC crew drove their boat directly to Adventure Bay beach where they moored it directly in front of the beachfront shack 45 minutes later !

Two full days of diving ensued starting with the Houndstooth just off Cape Queen Elizabeth. The 25 knot NWesterly roared overhead while we dived in almost glassy flat seas in the beautiful sponge gardens. Unlike many dives this one offers an incredible... read more


News Around The Club

TUDC Annual General Meeting

Last Thursday, The TUDC held its Annual General Meeting for 2012 to chat about the year that had passed and big plans for future diving. With over 30 members in attendance, some fantastic ideas were thrown around the table over beer and pizza regarding future direction of the club, exciting new dive sites, funky merchandise ideas, possible plans for a new boat (watch this space...), and much much more. As with any AGM, all committee positions from 2011 were stood down and 2012 positions were put up for grabs. The new 2012 TUDC Executive, as voted by YOU, is as follows:

2012 Committee

A huge thanks goes out to Kate Cashman for the tireless hours she has put into writing you eternally cheerful emails as TUDC Secretary for 2011. Kate, we'll all miss you enormously.

Cheap Courses for TUDC Members - ONE MONTH ONLY!!!

If you're a keen land diver but are yet to actually learn how to get wet, or just want to branch out into a new underwater specialty, don't forget about the low-priced dive courses we here at TUDC have teed up for you. Ian from the Hobart Dive Shop Hobart (67a Argyle St - (03) 6234 3428) is offering the following PADI courses to members of the TUDC at some fantastic prices:

  • Open Water Course: $295 (for the year)
  • Advanced Open Water Course: $295 (for the next month only)
  • Rescue Course: $250 (for the next month only)

To score these crazy deals, you HAVE to call Ian or visit him and mention you are from the Uni Dive Club! Ian will set some course dates once you've had a chat to him. Visit his website at

Becoming a qualified diver opens up so much more of Tasmania to enjoy from below the surface. But don't just stop at your Open Water certification! The ocean is 11 km deep - why just skim the surface? :-)

Entertainment Books

TUDC is again selling the new 2012/13 Entertainment™ Books for just $60, with $12 from every book sold benefiting the club's fundraising efforts (new gear, anyone...?). If you haven't come across these before, The Entertainment Book is a local restaurant and activity guide providing hundreds of 25% to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers from fine restaurants, cafes, attractions, activities and accommodation. Even if you only leave the house twice a year, you'll make your money back and then some. Seriously. Massive savings to be had if you're a social butterfly!

Books will be available from mid-April. Pre-order them here!

If you have any questions, please contact John Keane on 0488 575 444 or shoot him an email at

Discounted Boat Courses

As promised, a discounted boat license course will be offered in May. The price will depend on numbers, but will cost roughly $70; a $40 discount! We had a whopping 32 members attend this course last year. It's a fantastic opportunity to get your boat license so that you can practice your smooth on-water manouveuring in Thumper [our dive boat, for any new members who haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting her]. PLUS you get to set off flares, totally legally!

If you want to know more, or to lock in a spot, contact Dave Page at


Contribute and Win!

We love reading dive reviews as much as you do, and want to make them a regular feature in our snazzy new newsletter. So we're offering YOU GUYS the chance to win a ***SUPER AWESOME PRIZE*** (that has yet to be decided...) just by sending us a review from a dive you've done recently! Photos are fantastic but not essential. Simply reply back to this email with your latest dive review to go into the draw!

Each review submitted gives you one entry, so keep sending them through to maximise your chances! Competition drawn mid-year or at the end of the year, depending on what prize we secure...


Recent Happenings

Freedivers get unTANKED

- Tony's rundown of the year so far in freediving

It has been an absolutely fantastic start to the new year for Free Diving in the TUDC.

Regular pool training at Clarence Aquatic Centre is seeing some great personal bests, as well as attracting new people wanting to learn and improve on the basics of apnoea to take them safely to new heights (or depths) for snorkelling, surfing, and spearfishing. The email list is growing daily so that we can keep people up to date with short notice pool based training events.

The most exciting development however, has been the inaugural test runs of our new variable weight diving pontoon. As anyone living in TAS would know, our biggest hurdle to diving all year round is our wetsuit thickness and at an average of 5mm and 7mm this dictates the need to wear large amounts of weight at the surface to overcome the initial positive buoyancy down to 10m. Our scuba buddies utilise those bulky steel compressed air things and can control their rate of ascent and descent by the mere push of a BCD button. In freediving however, with our only air supply what we fill our lungs with at the surface, we are left with 'one breath, unlimited possibilities'. So, what do we do when wearing so much weight that we become negatively buoyant and hurtle to stardom on a one-way ride to Davey Jones Locker? We need to dump weight to get back up or we quickly become fish food. Therefore, (drum roll please) enter..... "Sled Man"

As a variable weight diving pontoon, Sled Man's aim is simple. Take off the weight from your belt, attach it to an upside down rock climbing ascender (now a 'descender'), grab hold, dive to 10m at your own pace, enter negative buoyancy, let go and continue on down, down, down. Turn around at your leisure and casually swim back up. At 10m you become positively buoyant again and the rest is well....just too easy..... A bit like using those tanks again.

We have just found what we think to be one of the best protected training locations TAS has to offer. At a depth of 30m and generally protected from wind and swell, in Port Arthur on the stunning TAS Peninsular we can now run intro, beginner, and advanced diving. Much more to follow over the coming months so keep an eye on the calendar, epecially the freediving at CCW this year. An invitation has been sent out to one of our country's best freedivers to run a skills day, so we are hoping it will be HUGE! Stay tuned...

Check out the Tas Freedivers Facebook group to find out more and keep track of upcoming freedives.

More fun stuff we've been doing

The Sisters, Tasman Peninsula (March) - Sparky
This is one of the best dives I have done ! North of Pirates Bay, the site drops to well over 40m with incredible structure, sponges and fish life. The benefit of nitrox on two deep dives was obvious with the air diver requiring a 20 minute deco stop and the nitrox only 4 minutes, at 5m (essentially a normal safety stop). So get deep and nitrox certified (see course dates above) and see why Tasmania's diving is the best in the world.

Check out Sparky's video of the dive for the full virtual experience (he's currently only sharing the video with his exclusive list of Facebook friends, but we're working on it...)

CSIRO Night Dive (April 3rd) - JPK
James, Pearse, Josh and myself dived below the CSIRO wharf last night to see what lurks beneath. After jumping in off the end of the wharf we descended down the pylons. Vis was looking good (4-5m) and we soon found plenty to look at. Numerous feeding octopuses chasing half crabs and squat lobsters, a hermit crab in the biggest shell we have ever seen (must have had a serious ego!), cowfish, a pigmy leatherjacket, side-gill nudi's, several seahorses and numerous other fish. We had a 1hr 20min bottom time with a max depth of 13m. There was so much to see, we could have stayed a lot longer. And... we liked it so much, we have re-posted it on the dive calendar! Check it out in our upcoming dives section (below) or jump straight on the website's dive calendar to sign up.


Gear Classifieds

We often have members wanting to trade up gear, so what better way to advertise your needs than in our classified section! Drop us an email if you have anything you're looking to buy OR sell and would like to post it here for next month.


TUDC brand spankin' new gear Contact: or check out the goods at the TUDC Dive Shed, any Thursday between 6:00 and 6:30 pm

Member's pre-loved gear
  • 2 x Faber 10.5L tanks with 200 bar DIN manifold
  • 2 x Faber 7L tanks with 300 bar DIN manifold
  • 1 x 7L pony bottle with Hollis O2 reg & gauge
Selling the lot for $1,500.
Contact: Darren on 0448 120 808 for more info.
dive calendar signups

Upcoming Dives & Events

April 11th - Pub Night
Assignments getting you down? Take a mid-week break for cheap beer and pizza. All new, old and prospective members are welcome, so come along to chat all things diving and/or completely random. Please sign up so we can book a table big enough for the hungry/thirsty hoards. Contact - dive calendar

April 19th - Bellerive Beach
Dusk dive, perfect for both open water and advanced divers. Handfish, crays, dumpling squid and seahorse all on the [sightseeing] menu. Contact - Ben

April 19th - CSIRO wharf
A repeat of the recent highly successful dive in this area. Check out the reviews section of this newsletter for a rundown and pics of some of the creatures spotted last time. Contact - JPK

May 11th to 13th - Bicheno weekend
Some of the best temperate diving in the world - enormous and colourful sponges interspersed with ascidians, hydroids, sea whips, sea fans and anemones. Prolific fish life, huge granite boulders and swimthroughs. We'll be going deep this weekend, so strictly advanced divers ONLY. Contact - JPK

May 20th - MV Lake Illawarra (shipwreck)
If deep, dark and creepy is your thing. Contact - JPK

CCW 2012 flyer June 9th to 11th - Bicheno
Combined Clubs Weekend 2012!!!

The 7th annual Tasmanian Combined dive Clubs Weekend provides an opportunity for divers from all around Australia to come together for a weekend full of diving adventures. The event typically attracts over 100 divers resulting in all levels of experience and interests being catered for. Based at the iconic east coast town of Bicheno, the adjacent Governor Island marine reserve provides some of the best diving in Australia.

Additional to the abundant dive sites, the weekend is full of social events, an underwater photography shootout, gear and industry displays, great prizes and competitions. If you haven't been to a CCW before, this is truly an event not to be missed.

Check out the CCW website or the flyer (left) for more info. Contact - JPK/website signup
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